Tuesday, June 28, 2011

…. And a little bikini

Yes. A bikini. But this ain’t your beach-bunny bikini. This bikini require hours of reps and sets. It requires food prep and dietary restrictions. It means craving cupcakes but settling for a piece of gum (sugar-free, of course). One must earn this bikini.

I hope to just the one.

Tomorrow starts my first day of training prep for a NPC bikini competition. What is a bikini competition?

Take a look at these lovely bikini pros:

Amanda Latona (she's one of my faves)

Jessica Putnam (she's from Dayton!)

Justine Munro

Nicole Nagrani (She's 19, and one of the best!)

Sonia Gonzales (A shorty like me!)

And yes, you do have to look that orange (seriously, if you aren’t it counts against you.) It’s like Miss America on steroids (well, let’s hope for no ‘roids).

So, why do I want to do this?

I’ve never been a star athlete. At the risk of sounding poetic and cheesy, there is something about weight training that just fulfilled me. And while I enjoy working out, I’ve always wanted to push a little harder, go a little further. I enjoy a good challenge.

At this time in my life a lot of my friends are having babies or advancing their careers. I am doing neither. And while I’ll be graduating in a year and a half, my future is very uncertain. I needed something to ground me, and competing in a fitness competition has always been on my list. With no kids, no job and a husband who is gone a lot, I figured why not now?

I hired a trainer, who has already gotten me my eating (abs are made in the kitchen) and workout plan (Assisted pull ups? Push ups? Lord, help me now). At least my Dite Rite is allowed (though I was hoping a restriction would help me kick the habit) and so far I get three cheat meals (yeah!)

I hope you’ll follow me on this spray-tanned, buffed-up, teeny-bikini journey.