Thursday, July 14, 2011

Not Caving to the Crave

Wednesday marked the beginning of week three of my training. Unfortunately I haven’t been so positive about training.

Since training began, grocery shopping has become more deliberate and workouts have beomce priority, so meandering around Target for hours and walking out with at least $100 worth of goodies “just to look” has taken a back seat.

But Monday I had to make a Target run. Target is the WORST place for someone on a strict meal plan. First, I was bombarded by the smell of stale, but buttery popcorn and greasy, but oh-so-satisfying pizza. I think only once did I actually purchase food at Target’s concessions. But I wanted it.

Instead, I ran the opposite way to pick up frozen fruit (for my hubby’s smoothies) and frozen veggies (for me). My Target’s frozen section has motion-sensored case lighting, so as you walk by, the cases light up. And wouldn’t you know it, the last case to light up as I turned out of the aisle: Ben and Jerry’s.


And if that wasn’t bad enough, the checkout counter is lined with Swedish Fish and Reese’s Pieces and other delicious treats I’ve avoided for 2 weeks!

I’ve also had the worst cravings.

Back in my real-life (pre-competition), I ate fairly healthy and worked out regularly, so when I craved a food I ate it, knowing that I rather just satisfy the craving than eat something else and still crave. Usually once whatever I was craving was eaten, my crave was satisfied and life could move on.

Not having the ablility to give into to cravings has been hard.

Seriously? How can you not want a Triple Chocoholic Blizzard from DQ? (Not that I ever even go to DQ. I think it’s just the fact I can’t have it.)

Are you serious?!

To make things worse, I had to take my two-week photos. My arms have toned up quite a bit, and a I’m starting to notice I have hamstrings. But overall I still look the same. Even my little belly pooch, more fondly refered to as the “Roo Pouch,” though bit smaller, is still very present. Which makes it hard not to give into cravings … I look the same, good diet or bad.

Kanga and Roo

My wonderful coach has encouraged me, saying she wasn’t expecting a huge body change yet and she wants me to continue to lift as heavy as I can and stay on diet. I finally received my fat transporting supplement in the mail, so I hope that helps lean me down a bit.

On a positive, my will-power has been tested, and I have not floundered. I have stuck to my diet, as completing this goal is way more important than the measly 2 to 20 minutes of joy caving into a craving will bring.

On an even more positive: My husband’s birthday is this weekend, and I get my cheat meal Saturday night. (I am sooooo looking forward to something not fish and not a lot of veggies).

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