Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't Let the Cookie Win!

I’m back! It’s been three weeks since competition, but it feels like forever. And it feels that long since I’ve been in the gym (oops!)

I gave myself the first post-competition week off from the gym. I had hurt my hip and shoulder pretty bad the week before comp, so I figured I’d give my body some rest. I also began a really hard class, and I wanted to get focused while not feeling guilty for missing the gym.

But my brother-in-law is in town for a month, and last week his fiancé was in town for the week. It was nice to finally have family around and people to socialize with, but between that and school, it left no gym time (I did hit up my Jillian Michaels’ videos, so I could at least get some activity).

I have decided to compete in March back in my hometown. I joined a training program down here in Florida. The program is similar, where as my trainer is long-distance, except this time the program is based out of Daytona, and I will go to one of their weekend training camps in December (they have them every month, so if I need a little boost I could go to another one pretty easily).

I thought about waiting until then to begin the program, but I am thinking November is better. I WANT TO PLACE in my hometown! So the paperwork will go in this week.

Plus I don’t want to revert back to this:

Yes, that was me at the beginning of June.

Believe it or not, I worked out almost everyday for at least an hour to an hour and a half. So, why do I look soft and pudgy?

My diet! Only a small few of people can actually eat whatever they want and stay skinny … and that doesn’t mean they are healthy. Eating crappy food wrecks havoc on your insides (including your brain functioning).

I love this:

It’s so true. And really, going to the gym isn’t always that fun. Some days there are a million other things I rather be doing. Sometimes my gym time is a real sacrifice; I’m taking time away from my husband, my friends and family, my dog, my school work, other activities I really enjoy.

So why would I want to make that sacrifice in vain? For what? A cookie?

Sometimes the cookie does win, but overtime the cookie will lose and I won’t feel deprived by not having one.

Moral of the story, don’t let the cookie win!

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