Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Posin' and Strutin'

Happy Hump Day! I CANNOT believe that around about 72 hours I will be in some form participating in my first NPC bikini competition.

I want to throw up. I am as excited as I would be on my birthday. I am so scared because prancing around in a teeny-weeny ‘kini is NOT ME.

I am really digging this last week workout. Sunday was my last legs day. Then Monday through today I had AM cardio sessions and afternoon lifting, but lighter than usual. However, Tuesday I was gone from 7:45a until 9p, so I woke up for my morning cardio, but I didn’t have energy to lift at 9:30-10p, so I am doing one last lifting session on Thursday morning. Then I am done!

Some of my “homework” is practicing my posing. (My dogs think I am crazy, they usually sit on the couch watching me walk back and forth between the wall and the table to set and re-set my camera timer every 10 seconds.)

Ma, you iz crazy!

Usually there is a front pose and a back pose. But I’ve been watching YouTube videos of NPC bikini competitions, and it occurred to me that most of these women walk out, one-by-one, pose, both front and back with a sassy little turn. I don’t why I didn’t realize it until yesterday but I might possibly have to do this, especially when the competition Web site says that since this is a woman’s only show, each women gets to “feel like a princess” and will have plenty of time on stage.

I have been on stage before: dance recitals, speaking, auditions, performing in plays and even a few professional productions. But there is something about trying to strut your stuff in a piece of Spandex that waivers any sense of confidence. So I will be practicing this for the next day or so.

Watching the girls, trying to learn

I have been trying to cut sodium from my diet too. I have to take potassium pills, and after tomorrow, there is no sodium extra allowed. But seriously, if I eat another piece of fish, I might throw up. So I am trying to find an alternative for Thursday and Friday. I might just have to stick with a protein shakes and peanut butter. I'll have to get a bit creative ... I'll let you know how that goes.

I'd rather be fishing ... not eat it

In the meantime I will be finishing my last workout, practicing my posing, prepping my day-of bag, cleaning for my parents’ arrival and studying for my final on Friday morning.

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