Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No pain, no gain

I posted about my last week. What I didn’t post was how much I did not want to be in the gym, nor be on a diet.

I was exhausted, always one step behind and had so much school to focus on there was nothing left for the gym. I knew I needed to go, but mentally I was not present.

So much so, I actually ended up hurting my shoulder last week. I picked up ten pound dumbbells for rear delt raises, being lazy as I really didn’t want to be there, and ZAP! a shock of electricity-like pain engulfed my left shoulder.

I stopped, reset and tried again. Same pain. I dropped weight, to seven pounds. Same pain. Again to five pounds, but the pain was there. Stupidly, I struggled through it, stopping every few reps to stretch it, hoping it was just a pinch and the pain would stop.

Luckily that was my last exercise for the day, and after cardio I hit the shower and relaxed the rest of the night. Since there was no pain when I wasn’t exercising, I forgot about it, until I pulled up the sheets on my bed. And the pain struck again on Friday’s workout, attempting preacher curls.

Luckily, being an acupuncture student, I get free treatments. I have been getting treatments to help my digestive issues. So yesterday during clinic, I begged for a treatment, figuring I’d lie face down and get a few needles inserted into my upper back and maybe a massage.

A supervising doctor came in as my colleagues were going through their assesment, and the doc deduced that the pain I had followed the large intestine channel and it was actually my digestive issues that caused the pain in my shoulder (Yes, it was the movement with resistance that caused it, but the weakness that allowed it to happen was in part due to my digestive issues.). I did get a little massage too, but it felt like a knife stabbing me in the scapula.

Anyway, on to better news. This came this weekend:

The swimsuit! And it came in this:

Yes, a flat rate envelope … that’s how tiny this thing is.

Of course I immediately put it on, with the stripper heels … and realized my tan lines are terrible (yes that’s how small this suit it). But I have been practicing almost everyday (well, since Sunday), posing and taking photos. Putting on the suit and the heels still makes me want to throw up, as I am super nervous. Luckily I feel a bit more confident after looking at the photos. I've come a long way (final photos will be posted after the competition ... maybe. I might have to have a few Bellinis before I am able to click "publish post.")

Surprisingly, what I am most nervous about is the tanning. As former tan-orexia and tanning salon employee, I should be confident. But I haven’t tanned since September of last year (not including poolside, since I do wear sunscreen). And most competitors may get a slight base tan, but self-tanner is the usual. So, my test run with Jan Tana will come tonight night since I don’t have class on Thursday, and I won’t mind looking like Bob Barker:

I forgot to order glaze to put over it, so I will have to improvise until the glaze comes in.

And my NPC card came in the mail yesterday as well. I’m “legal” to participate. Just a few more weeks! (Literally, just days!)

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