Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Gallon and a Suit

It’s crazy to think in a few weeks I will be bearing it all (well, not ALL) on stage! Last Saturday was 8 weeks out.

I have completely cut out my sugar-free coffee creamer (which I probably wasn’t allowed in the first place, but with my 5:30a workouts and hour + commute, I needed to make sure I got caffeine in me).

I also attempted to drink a gallon of water a few days ago. I drink a lot of water daily (at the very least half a gallon), but I wanted to measure exactly how much I was drinking.

And holy hell, I don’t know how people do it.

When we first moved into our apartment a year ago, my husband ended up putting a large flat screen in our bedroom. My little flat screen no longer had a home, so my husband wanted to put it on the cabinet that sits across from the toilet in the bathroom. I vetoed that idea. However, attempting to drink an entire gallon combined with the efficiency of my kidneys, the TV in the bathroom seems like a great idea now.

Anyways ….

It is time to order suits!!!! Even with my body looking better, it is still a daunting task.

Especially when the suits my trainer sent me to look at are upwards of $150. So I found a cheaper site that has in stock suits. Unfortunately the tops are measured for a “rounded B cup” which fortunately I am not. But I figure it would give me an idea of how they fit (I ordered two different cuts) and then I can send them back and order a customized suit (which is non-returnable).

And my dirty pirate-hooker shoes will come in a few days.

At least they don't have dollar slots ...

This weekend I plan on looking for some clip-in hair extensions and self-tanner to start my testing, so day of I can relax a bit (yeah right).

Too much?

I also have to register, which makes it 100% seriously real.

But I haven’t decided whether to register in only the novice category (which you can only do if it’s your first show, so of course) or the open bikini class as well.

My trainer says to do both, but I looked at last year’s novice winner and she was incredible, and while the bikini overall winner was slimmer I still don’t believe I have a snowball’s chance in hell to win the open category, so what’s the point?

Any thoughts?

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