Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nap time?

This past week was a bad week. I wrote in my other blog about my funk, and that translated into my diet last week.

Snaps first: I am proud of myself for not eating ALL my feelings. In the past, I would have driven straight to the nearest drive-thru and order myself a large serving of fries or pop open a carton of Ben and Jerry’s, and not stop until I saw the bottom.

Rather, I ate an extra serving of sugar-free, fat free Jell-O, and I partook in the bread basket at the restaurant my husband took me too.

For shame I know, especially since there are really no excuses while in competition-mode. But I was on the verge of insanity and exhausted.

That’s another thing. I have been utterly exhausted. The exhaustion began three weeks before I started training. By the time I began training, I was feeling a lot more energenetic. And up until last week, I was good.

After my husband’s birthday a few weeks back, I HAD to take a long nap. I had to get up to study for a quiz, otherwise I probably would have slept all until Monday morning. A couple days later, I was napping again. I ended up getting it together, but this past weekend, I couldn’t get off the couch, or ground, or bed … depending on where I ended up.

It was nap, get up and walk a few feet, lay down and nap again. I wasn’t dizzy or sick; just exhausted.

I was so frustrated that I spent a majority of the short weekend I was able to have with my husband asleep. Finally, on Sunday night, I propped myself up at the kitchen table, knowing that as long as I was sitting in the hard wooden chair, I would not fall sleep.

I don’t know if I was fighting something, or it’s a symptom of the “funk.”

Regardless, I didn’t miss a workout and I’m right back at the week, complete with three clinical make-up days and a final. Let’s just hope my energy can make me a bit more peppy and less stressed since I’m only 9 weeks out!

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  1. Good luck girl! I know what you mean about exhaustion. When I was 3 weeks out (before I had to postpone my competition), I found myself falling asleep every time I put my butt down! Stay strong!!